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    Why The Hell Would
    I Use Ajax

    AJAX is a developer’s fantasy since it allows you to do things like:
    • Update a web page without reloading it
    • Request data from a server after it has loaded
    • After the page has loaded, get data from a server.
    • In the background, send data to a server.
    • The XMLHttpRequest object integrated into the browser (to request data from a web server)
    • DOM in HTML and JavaScript (to display or use the data)AJAX is a misleading name. AJAX applications might use XML to transport data, but it is equally common to transport data as plain text or JSON text.



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    Where Ajax Can Be Used

    AJAX has shown to be the most feasible Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology. It's gaining a lot of traction in the business, and numerous toolkits and frameworks are popping up. AJAX, on the other hand, is browser incompatible and is supported by JavaScript, which is difficult to manage and troubleshoot.

    Debugging of Ajax application is differ browser to browser, If you want to debug in Google Chrome, then use Chrome Developer Tool. On Mozilla Firefox, with the help of Firebug, debugging can be done easily.

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