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    Maker of infographics, presentations, and reports

    Neural can help you communicate better internally and externally. Turn any text- or data-heavy topic into an engaging visual tale.

    An infographic can help you visualise a process, explain a topic, or advise a new employee what to expect on their first day.

    A single platform.
    All of your infographics requirements are met.


    Create gorgeous infographics using templates, record video messages, or capture any moment with high-quality live streaming.


    Share and interact with customers or teammates by storing your infographics in one single, safe area.


    Use our graphics marketing tools to promote your product or service, or build a subscription streaming service for your graphics. 

    What is a infographics ?

    An infographic is a compilation of images, charts, and minimal text that presents a topic in an easy-to-understand manner.

    Infographics are a great way to communicate visually. Because they capture our attention and don’t let go, the most aesthetically unique, imaginative infographics are
    frequently the most effective.

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