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    // Dedicated Server

    Dedicated server hosting with a high level of assurance

    For your heavy, mission-critical workloads, dedicated server hosting delivers complete isolation, control, and security. With a wide range of configuration options, Intel and AMD CPU architectures, variable storage, and more, our private bare metal server environment provides maximum customization and performance.

    Benefits with Dedicated Server

    24/7 Management Service

    Experience the difference that expertise can make with our 24-hour management service. Your IT team's productivity may bear the burden of your servers' everyday operations and management. We'll assist you with all of the necessary activities for maintaining the servers and ensuring that they run at peak performance.

    Assurance of 100% uptime

    Because our servers are situated in tier 4 data centres, we guarantee you will always have 100 percent uptime. As a result, you may run your demanding workloads and host your critical applications on our specialised servers or cloud hosting platforms without worry. We regularly analyse network performance in order to reduce latency and improve server and business performance.

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    Our hosting service provides unrestricted bandwidth, allowing for infinite storage and data transport. It implies you can send and receive as much data as you desire. You get a smooth data transfer from the website to the users. If your website is very accessible online and receives a lot of traffic, having unlimited bandwidth is critical.

    What is a dedicated server?

    A dedicated server, also known as a compute server, is one that makes all of the machine’s physical resources available to the user. Unlike a virtual server, which uses a fraction of the machine’s resources to execute its virtualisation technology, a dedicated server lets you use all of the RAM, storage, and processing power available.

    In the context of cloud computing, this type of solution is also known as “bare metal,” referring to the physical availability of the machine’s resources as opposed to traditional solutions based on virtual instances.