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    JavaScript’s, often known as Vue, is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework for creating user interfaces (UIs) and single-page apps. This framework employs “high decoupling,” allowing developers to build user interfaces in stages (UIs).

    Vue.js is a JavaScript progressive framework for building web interfaces and one-page applications.Vue.js is utilised not only for online interfaces, but also for desktop and mobile app development utilising the Electron framework. Vue quickly became a popular front-end tool thanks to its HTML extension and JS base, as proven by its adoption by companies like Adobe, Behance, Alibaba, Gitlab, and Xiaomi.



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    Vue.js with Express.js can also be used to create classic web applications on the server-side. However, while possible, this request-response paradigm in which Vue.js would be carrying around rendered HTML is not the most typical use-case. There are arguments to be made for and against this approach.


    When it comes to heavy computation, Vue.js is not the best platform around. No, you definitely don’t want to build a Fibonacci computation server in Vue.js. In general, any CPU intensive operation annuls all the throughput benefits Node offers with its event-driven, non-blocking I/O

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